Pushing for a Safer CT

  • Sen. Kissel has again received the endorsement of the Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police for his strong support of law enforcement.
  • Sen. Kissel continues to push to establish appropriate consequences to respond to crime, but also to prevent crime, to create opportunity and hope, and to rehabilitate by looking at the big picture. Visit for details.
  • Sen. Kissel supported legislation which put Connecticut on the forefront of domestic violence prevention law. Sen. Kissel, who serves as ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, voted to expand state law regarding domestic violence to include nonviolent acts like financial and psychological abuse.
  • Sen. Kissel co-sponsored legislation which extends the statute of limitations for the prosecution of crimes committed against the elderly. Sen. Kissel has received multiple awards for his ongoing exemplary advocacy of behalf of vulnerable Connecticut seniors and their families.

Pushing for a More Affordable CT

  • This year, Sen. Kissel opposed CT tax hikes and voted “no” on legislation which would increase our cost of living. 
  • Sen. Kissel voted in favor of $1.2 billion in tax relief for working- and middle-class families including a reduction to the income tax, sales tax, and more.
  • Sen. Kissel has led pro-taxpayer rallies in Enfield in opposition to tolls and higher gas taxes. “I will never stop fighting to help provide tax relief for the families and small businesses in our communities,” Sen. Kissel said. “People here in north-central Connecticut are overtaxed and are struggling to pay the high costs at the pumps.” 
  • Learn more about Sen. Kissel’s legislative proposals at and

Protecting local control of schools and zoning

  • “I am deeply concerned about efforts at the state level to undermine local control of education as well as planning and zoning,” Sen. Kissel said. “A top-down, centralized approach to education and land-use ignores the voice of the people. I will speak out against any efforts to remove local control of zoning decisions and when it comes to education. I will always put the voices of parents first.”
  • “As state senator, I continue to work tirelessly to make Connecticut a safer, more affordable state,” Sen. Kissel said.  “I will also continue to defend local control of zoning and education.”